Disadvantages to Designing your Own Website

There are a host of reasons why some small businesses and entrepreneurs choose to design a business website independently. Website design tools like GoDaddy entice all kinds of people to try their hand at designing his or her own site for free. Of course, a no-cost website sounds attractive when you’re trying to balance your business budget, but when you weigh this advantage against the potential disadvantages, the savings get lost in the long run. There are several disadvantages to designing your own website, and as a business owner, you will want to keep them in mind when considering what the goal of your website is.

Sell your Product or Service

The goal of your business website should be to sell your product or service. If your current website has a rudimentary design, it’s time to seriously consider the repercussions. Sure, you’ve saved a buck or two by designing it yourself, but think of all the web traffic your website design is pushing away. One of the biggest problems of homemade websites is that they are not designed with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. In fact, almost no homemade design uses SEO. A professional web designer can help turn this problem around and start rerouting traffic to your site.

A website design that looks like it was built by a child may be enough to turn a potential customer away before he or she has had a chance to see the wonderful products you are offering. Signs of a site design that may turn customers off are a cluttered and unstructured home page, a site that was designed using a hokey or juvenile design template and the lack of meta tags.

As a Professional Website Designer

I can take the basic information you have poured into your website and transform it into a professional, seamless and structured tool to help achieve your online goals. I can help you target your market audience, corral a potential customer base to your site and help you retain that customer base because the website will be easy to navigate and properly promote your product. The money you spend in using a professional web designer can be returned tenfold with the traffic that will flow to your business site. Web design and web redesign are viable options to consider. With a unique site for every customer, you will not be disappointed. Contact me today and see how you can get your affordable website under construction.