Received my new Vendetta Frameset last week. Had to sell my other two recumbents that were collecting dust in the garage to finance the new build, the Easy Racers Tour Easy and Metabike.

The setup is very similar to my Silvio, but with one level up on components.

I also purchase a CF comfort seat from Hostel Shoppe and a BentUp aero bag.

I have about 84 miles on it now vs just under 3300 on the Silvio.

I was expecting a drastic difference going from about 27d on the Silvio to about 20d on the Vendetta, but to my surprise I did not feel like you do when you hop on a new bike  – I was able to get on the Vendetta and ride as if I was on the Silvio or as if I’ve been riding the Vendetta all this time – everything works the same, stopping – starts, etc. What I noticed, however, was the front-end felt lighter and the steering felt quicker, but not scary quick. Pedal steer? I don’t know what that is anymore or what it feels like, so that did not come to mind. The V to me feels a like the S, but just sportier.

The above is just my initial observation of the feel of the bike and nothing to do with performance. The only thing so far I can comment on about performance comparisons to the Silvio is this: The Vendetta is much more aero and air-slippery. Anytime I came across a descent, be it even as little as 1% it would accelerate faster and I would hit higher top speeds too. This is of course all due to more recline. I haven’t been able to ride hard yet, due to an unrelated to bike riding back injury. Bob (aka Ratz) has some good perforce comparisons.

So I truly love this bike, I’m in like with it to say the least and looking forward to getting back on the road and ride hard soon.

BTW, my wife is hoping Bob’s not going to buy a new bike soon!!