Now that I have had the Silvio for a month and put a whopping 300 miles on it (should be 600 by now, but weather comes and goes).

To date my longest ride is 32 miles (have several) and trying to get back into shape to work my way back up to 40-50-60+ mile rides.

Fastest speed (downhill and road-permitting) is 35.3 mph. Normally down this same road I would have feathered the brakes having a lesser mph. But with the Silvio’s front and rear suspension, I just let-her-go, the grade was 2-7% with roughly 12 mph head-wind. The full suspension gave more confidence on the less than perfect asphalt. The bike felt extremely stable.

I’m no longer conscious of the MBB’s pedal steer, it’s a thing of the past, and actually has been gone for some time now. The feeling is much like any other bike to me now.

Pedal starts are also easy, no more problem with the bike going to the right or left.

I originally set the bike up with a triple crankset (with the big out ring removed), because I want a granny gear. But did not like the offset which was a total of 6mm’s. 3mm to set the right-crank spindle to the right of the BB clamps, and 3mm to move the BB clamps left – all of this so I could clear the granny right BB clamp with the granny ring. First I did not like the aesthetics and second the chainline.

I replaced the triple with a compact double 46t-34t, and purchase a 42t cog to work with my Sram 11-36 cassette. I purchased the 42t cog from Wolf Tooth Components. This setup give me 21.6 gear inches for climbing ( I’m running 28mm wide tires BTW) which is about the same as a 29t granny with a 36t cog (or 28 with a 34 cog). The up-shifts from the 36t cog to the 42t cog is precise and fast, feels no different any other up-shift.

I also, had a problem from the get-go with the up seat back of and neck rest of the stock Silvio due to my back and neck problems. To remedy this I bolted up a Velocraft carbon fiber hard shell seat with a modified Aero Don neck rest and Ventisit seat pad, which is very comfortable for me

To say the least, I’m stoked and very happy with my Silvio, and look forward to the weather becoming more stable (ha ha) so I can get out from in front this computer and go ride!!