Last Sunday I turned 1000 miles on my Cruz Bike Silvio 2.0 and thought I would give an update with my impressions thus far.

Pedal steer, in my mind, is non-existent and a distant memory and has been for quite some time now. I don’t even think about it or feel it, it’s become a completely natural process of riding the bike. I believe it’s like a runner when he/she runs, the arms and legs work systematically together as one unit in harmony in which becomes routine.

My starts has also become easy too, and also second nature, in fact my starts are easier on the Silvio than my Meta Bike (BTW, they are easy on the Meta Bike), and I thinks that’s due to Silvios’ lower BB.
My top speed to date is 38.2 mph’s, downhill of course. The bike was very steady and solid. I wanted more speed, but ran out of gears and hill. One thing to keep in mind at these speeds, is to relax as you would with any other highracer.

Silvios’ suspension rocks! I’ve been able to Cruz some pretty rough descents much faster than any of the other bents I own or have owned. And that’s due to the suspension soaking up the uneven-asphalt and making the ride more predictable.

I purchased the Silvio to complement or supplement my other two bents (Meta Bike and Tour Easy). But it has impressed me so much, and has exceeded my expectations in that it has become my number one favorite bike to the point of not wanting to ride the others at all.

The most distinctive and impressive aspect of the Silvio in my opinion is the power transfer from the crank to the drive wheel. I can get this bike up to speed quicker than any other recumbent I’ve owned. I strongly believe this is due to the lack-of idlers and excessive chain that sucks power away from the drive wheel. I’m sure there will be those that will disagree with this theory.

Overall I’ve found that learning and riding the Silvio is no more difficult than learning any other high racer recumbent. It take practice and patience as when you mastered your first two wheel bicycle once the trainer wheels where removed.