Search Engine Optimization is the use of certain word to help get you a better ranking within the search engines. But many times we get so focused on using just the right words and repeating those words a certain number of times so that the search engines will list us under those words that we lose sight of what our content is. The content and the information we try to transmit to readers becomes lost on the way. And whatever we wrote becomes unreadable, uninteresting and even silly.

So what is SEO anyway? SEO is the algorithm that webmasters use to improve the way the search engines see the website. The purpose is to improve a websites rankings and ring in more traffic. But SEO is changing and now its no longer just about using the right words to get a site in the right rank, now its about getting quality content too, something that readers may actually be interested in and interested in learning about.

The objective is to find the right kind of reader, the one that is interested in what you have to say and what your product is. This is called SEO targeted marketing. So you need to get relevant, interesting, and fresh information on your site. You want readers that are interested in your product and not in something that doesn’t have to do with what you are selling because you won’t be able to keep that type of reader.

So essentially, SEO target marketing “kills two birds with one stone”. You give the reader the information he needs, and the search engines rank you for having relevant information to the keywords you are using.

This way the traffic you get to your site will be because you have established yourself as an expert in your field and people come to you looking for useful information. You get people interested in the information on your site, and they keep returning.

When you interest your readers in your site then those visitors are more likely to convert into buyers. You will be happier with the relevant traffic you are getting, and they will be happier because they are getting what they actually look for.

When you own an internet company or an offline company that you want to market online you always want to keep SEO in mind, but SEO for the particular reader that could be interested in the product you market.

Balancing out SEO and content is the key to practicing good SEO target marketing, and getting the right people to your site. People that are more willing to buy your product and your content will keep people coming back for good information.

Article by Rajeev Negi

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