I just wanted to share my climbing experience with the Silvio thus far. I’ve put just over 3100 miles on my Silvio to date.

Looking at my past data over the last 3 years of a particular climb that I do a couple of times a month (maybe more in the past) and comparing the average speed of the climb, to the few recumbents I’ve owned which include:

  • ?2010 Catrike 700
  • 2010 Bacchetta Corsa 650C
  • 2011 Rans V2 650C
  • 2010 Rans Xstream Team
  • 2010 Easy Racers Tour Easy SS
  • 2011 Catbike Musashi
  • 2013 Metabike 700C

The hill is about 1.5 miles and is about 6% grade.

Today on my Silvio 2 my average speed was 9.3 mph (for me that blazing fast). Looking over at the other bikes past data, the Metabike’s best time was 6.1 mph (and when I did that, I was mighty proud). Todays ride was not an all out as I’m still nurturing an over worked hamstring, but I did put effort into the ride, just not all out. The Musashi and other bikes were in the low 5’s.

I’ve never been good at climbing, but these days I seem to be holding my own up the hills, I’m even passing df riders, and/or just not getting passed much at all. It feels good to do the passing for once.