Comfort_carbon_seatI drilled 2 new holes on the existing front “seat mount wings” to offset drilling through the new CF seats “hollow support ribs” which runs along the underside of the Hostel Shoppe VOLAE – Hardshell Seat Carbon Comfort . I purchased the medium – I’m 5’8″ (formerly 5’9-3/4″, which my x-seam reflects). I probably could have went with a Large.

In a dry fit, just sitting the seat on the bikes frame, the “hollow support ribs” sit on top of the “seat mount wings”. That’s why I decided to offset the bolts with newly drilled holes. I also think moving the holes closer to the frame gives a higher degree of support.

I purchase a hard dense rubber block off eBay (it’s normally used by jewelers). It’s extremely dense, but easy to work with using your normal array of garage tools – drill, saw, sander. It’s also easily formed using sandpaper. I cut it, drilled 2 holes in, and then rounded the ends to follow the lines of the underside of the CF seat. This is what I mounted the front of the seat to. I cut it think enough so that the seat once mounted and bolted, the ribs will clear the “seat mount wings” by about an 1/8″-1/4″

For the seat back, I used a piece of dense plastic that I was able to cut and sand. Which is attached using a piece of 2″ flat aluminum I picked up a Home Depot. I bent it using my vise to an L shape. The piece that looks kind of silly, like a fender, holds the BentUp Aero Bag about an 1″ off the top of the rear tire. With bag weighted down and you hit a bump, it won’t bounce down on the tire.

I apologize the bad closeup picks, hope they help. (I think the rear mounting has room for refinement, I would like to rethink it to use the dense rubber).

…And So I did (update with dense Rubber)

I decided to re-do the rear seat bracket to refine it a little using the hard dense rubber I bought of eBay. This rubber is extremely hard, at 1″ thick you can’t bend it, but it does have a tiny bit of give and I think dampens the vibration of the chipseal a little.

Because I wanted to use the existing holes I drilled in the seat back (for the previous block), I drilled counter sink holes in the bottom part of the rubber to recess the nylon locking bolts, otherwise they would have protruded through and and sat on top of the frame. In hindsight, if I had put more spacing between the bolt holes (in the beginning) they would have missed the frame. But I like the look of the recessed bolts, looks clean. I cut the rubber using my compound miter saw and gave it an angle so it would follow the frames couture.

I’m happy with the seat conversion or transformation. For me it’s very comfortable when used with an ADEM headrest. ADEM-Headrest