Cruzbike Silvio adjustable Seat Build

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Just a brief note! I rode tested all of these adjustments!

There are 6 adjustable positions…Prototype 1.0:

  • 28 degrees – Stock
  • 32.5 degrees – This feels great, very comfortable, still aero, head is almost vertical, easy to view surrounding without lifting. Maybe my favorite for intown and congested areas.
  • 35 degrees – This setting is great, comfortable, easy to look around, headrest may be used on long ride. I can see coming into intersections without lifting.
  • 37.5 degrees – This position is more neutral, but not as comfortable as 35 degrees.
  • 40 degrees – This position feels about the same as 45, but a little more comfortable.
  • 45 degrees – In this setting the CF seat is not very comfortable due to the seat pan being almost flat. It is rideable, but not to my taste.

Note: the above  are all micro adjustable to about 1.5 degrees.

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