For the record, I’m fortunate to own a Silvio 2.1 (3500 miles to date) and a Vendetta 2.0 (2200 miles to date). And also might mention, I not an ex-slalom skier like Ratz or Ex-gymnast like Erik or Ultra rider like Larry. I’m just a 58 year old typical bent-dude that loves his Cruzbikes, but have to say I do love my wife more!

Yesterday we (Northern California) had a big storm that came through with lots of rain and high winds, that made the Sacramento River Trail look like a war zone, with tree branches, leaves, and twigs scattered throughout, on top of being slippery and wet for today’s ride. Today also had heavy drizzle to boot.

I choose the Silvio for this ride, it was very slow going, as I had to weave and pick my way through the debris that was scattered on the 10 wide trail. Actually almost coming to a stop at times, but not quite while maintaining my balance.

I’ve got to say that these bikes are extremely stable, and become more so as the miles accumulate.

For me in the beginning (after about 200 miles) I felt pretty confident after 6.5 mph, but under that I would start to weave and could not hold a straight line very well. So I would hit the hills fast and hard and keep my momentum up to at least 6.5 mph to  where I felt confident.

That’s all pretty much history now. I’m not sure how slow I can currently get down to, but I’ve been down to 4.5 on a straight line. At this point it will be about how slow will the gearing let me go, and how steep is the hill.

I’ve owned almost two hand fulls of recumbents in the past three years, including a Tour Easy, which is about the most stable recumbent available. I find that these two Cruzbikes are even more stable. I presume that possibly the reason for this may be because of the MBB, which is requiring the use of your legs to assist steer the bike?!? I don’t know for sure, but I’m amazed!

Not only do I find them to be stable at low speeds, but also on fast down hill descents too. And again, of this may not be out of the box, or your first ride – however it was for me.

So far my fastest descent speeds are: Vendetta=48 point something MPH and Silvio 45 point something MPH – both on the same hill. These speeds are very exhilarating and I must and, my knuckles were white for sure. But I felt like I was in good hands and would have taken more, if the hill would have given it.

I love these Cruzbike recumbents, and have to say, Once you go MBB-FWD, theres no going Back!

Note: The Silvio was equipped with 23mm slicks at 120 lbs of pressure on the above ride – which would be a very unstable tire in the above conditions – glad I was on a Cruzbike.